Welcome to World Dang Soo Do Union’s Southeastern Regional Tournament. The Battle of Birmingham(B.O.B.) is open to all like-minded Tang Soo Do schools. The WDU would like to extend an invitation to all Tang Soo Do in this region, for a great time of healthy competition and spirited fellowship. We want to raise the bar, and make this one of the best TSD events that you could be a part of. Please take a moment to save the date June 17th, and plan on making the trip to Birmingham, Al. If you haven’t been… this city will surprise you!

Registration is now open!

          Please go to the registration page. You will find valuable information about our tiered pricing. We provide “BIG” benefits and value for those that register early. In addition, there is also a Family rate to compete in the B.O.B. We are also proud to promote this tournament to the TSD students with special needs, by offering a “Champion’s Division” You can find more information about that on the “Champion’s Division” page.

          Please add yourself to the Facebook B.O.B. event page for more information and upcoming contests to win special prizes.

*This page will be updating over the next few days… If you have questions please email info@battleofbirmingham.com TANG SOO!