1) FORMS: Only traditional style forms that are recognized requirements in any attending school are allowed.

2) SPARRING: Required molded foam gear: Head, Hand, Foot gear., mouthpiece (groin cup for males is recommended).

3) SPARRING POINTS: All techniques are 1 point. A majority of at least 2 judges are needed for a point to be scored

ACCEPTABLE TARGET AREA: Front and side of the body from the belt up. The head, specifically the front and side of the face.


Any part of the body below the belt or any part of the back

Back of the neck, top of the head, No contact to the face (eyes, nose, mouth “triangle area”)


Light contact to the body and head. (No contact to the face area: i.e. eyes, nose, mouth, “triangle area”)

Hand techniques include lead punch, reverse punch, Back fist, and ridge hand.


No Spin Back-fist, open hand, (ie palm heels or spear hand techniques allowed) elbows or knee kicks allowed


Matches are two minutes, high score wins

In case of a tie continue with 1-minute round(s) until the tie is broken. (No sudden victory).

JUDGE HAND CALLS (Majority of judges, 2 judges required to call a point):

  1. “Point Red” or “Point Blue”: Judges raise red or blue flag
  2. “No point”: Judges cross hands in front of body
  3. “No see”: Covers hands over eyes. This eliminates them for thescoring of that point
  4. “Out of bounds”: Judge points to the floor with the flag

5. “Excessive Contact”: Judges strike the flags together to signify excessive contact.

WARNINGS (i.e. Contact: Excessive, Unallowable target area, Illegal Techniques Running out of the ring)

  1. 1st Warning: Verbal warning
  2. 2nd Warning (same category): A point is awarded to the Opponent
  3. 3rd Warning: Disqualification

NOTE: A disqualification may be issued immediately if 2 or more judges deem the contact was excessive enough). Also, excessive unsportsmanlike conduct from the competitor OR the PARENT of a minor child may result in immediate disqualification.)


Any weapon may be demonstrated. Weapons may be inspected by the chief referee and any unsafe weapon will be disqualified for use. NO LIVE (SHARPENED) blades will be allowed.

4) TEAM FORM: (Three – Five Participants)

Teams must have between 3 and 5 participants. Participants may be any age/sex. The team will select and demonstrate one form. The team will enter the division based on the RANK OF THE SENIOR STUDENT, however, the team must not perform a form (Hyung or Kata) above the rank of the junior student, (i.e. If there is an Orange Belt on the team, the team may not demonstrate a Green Belt form). Black Belt Teams may have all ranks, including Master Ranks. Teams may change direction, timing, and rhythm. Teams may form patterns or lines with techniques. Teams are not allowed to add or eliminate moves, however, teams may add spins or slight adjustments in foot work to alter footwork distances. Teams may add “Bunkai” (Self-Defense Application), but the “Bunkai” must apply to the movement from the form.

If you have any questions you can email info@battleofbirmingham.com